Welcome friend, 
My purpose is simple: I help people see clearly, and I've been doing it for over 20 years. I began my professional journey as an optical lens and custom eyewear maker, grinding away as an apprentice optician for thousands of hours in a laboratory. I'm now doing much of the same, only using data and other inputs instead of only lenses.
Though what you will find here is incomplete, it provides a glimpse into some of the creative experiments I've co-created with many collaborators over the years. The thread which connects almost all of my creative works is exploring what it means to see. Vision is the hallmark of my life's work. 
Helping people and organizations "see" clearly is also part of my business and management consulting work, which is not included on this site. For interim executive work/board advisory, etc. please feel to get in touch, and I'd be happy to set up an exploratory conversation to understand your company's needs and if there is a fit. I intentionally limit myself to only1-2 new clients per quarter for this type of work.  
All of the international art exhibits, vision technology patents, custom handmade eyewear collections, smart eyewear, data visualizations, mappings, and musings are dedicated to those I've worked with. That's truly what counts in the end: our relationship with others, our health, and the time we have left. If you enjoy anything you see, please consider forwarding it to a friend, or if you'd like to say hello or discuss a mutual opportunity feel free to get in touch below. 
Be kind (yet direct) to others -- it matters.
L.A. Kuczewski
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