Some of my personal research is concerned with finding clarity using spatial insights. Below is a small sampling of projects I've worked on with a geographic information system (GIS) to map and reveal patterns in data. Much of this work is concerned with mapping and modeling innovation ecosystems, venture capital, and entrepreneurial communities across the U.S. 
Spring 2021 - Current
Understanding the clustering of intellectual property (patent filings) by region is one of my research interests. The below project looks at regional patent density of "machine learning" patents from 2016-2020. The concentration or "clusters" which came from USPTO data, suggests high spatial correlation in Santa Clara, San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Marin counties. Four of these counties within the cluster made up ~38.6% of all the machine learning patents in my research.  
These findings are ongoing and will inform future research.  

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